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Oaxaca Real
Welcome to Hotel Oaxaca Real
The team of the Hotel Oaxaca Real gives you the most cordial welcome to our facilities.

We have a 100% Oaxacan atmosphere, where you can appreciate Oaxacan handicrafts, works made by great craftsmen. Our location is excellent for visiting emblematic places of this beautiful city, such as the Majestic Temple of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, the Cathedral and the Zócalo just two blocks from the Hotel, as well as parks, museums, squares, etc.

You will live a totally Oaxacan experience.
The Hotel Oaxaca Real wishes you a happy stay!
Somos una empresa hospitalaria que brinda calidez, confort y seguridad para que su experiencia con nosotros sea placentera, apegados a nuestros valores y a una cultura orientada al cliente, desarrollando oportunidades significativas para nuestro equipo de trabajo, alto valor a los propietarios e impacto positivo en la sociedad
Llegar a ser una empresa líder en innovación y creación de experiencias en el sector Hotelero, con un modelo de negocio 100% familiar, logrando presencia en otros destinos turísticos
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  • Oaxaca Real Hotel (La casa del Cocal)

    he building where Hotel Oaxaca Real is located, dates back to 1909, where it was better known as the cocal house, a name that refers to the large palm tree that stood in the central patio and that stood out from the construction.

    It has materials characteristic of Oaxacan houses, beamed ceilings and half board partition, large facades of green quarry, valances and monograms made in the same green quarry, a classic example of Oaxacan architecture. On the lintel of the door are engraved the initials JHS (Jésus Savior of men) that indicated the religiosity of the family that lived in the building.

    The floors in the rooms were of brick and when it was changed they found big heavy pitchers placed face down; This system was used to isolate moisture.

    The house is a classic example of what was originally a colonial residence on one floor, around the year 1973 the Hotel Calesa Real was born, where two more levels will be added, at present you can still see details of the old house, which makes this property a treasure for the city.